What are some of the biggest challenges facing organizations today?

From our position as a Human Capital Development firm, We have partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations to provide comprehensive organization improvement solutions and training programs for their staff to improve performance and reach revenue goals.

Karisfined Edge Solutions is the right choice for clients looking for unique and transformational training program development and facilitation. We have a successful niche of delivering Management, Leadership and Soft skills training programs to time, budget and quality criteria through:

  • Experienced Facilitators
  • Conducive learning environment with model tools
  • Tailored courses for all strata of individuals and organizations

Our programs and intervention methodology uses a best practice approach to design and facilitate training programs. We work as a partner to our clients, providing Training needs analysis, Solution Design Services and Post Training Coaching to ensure that the desired training outcome is achieved. The smooth design, preparation and delivery of qualitative training are burdens for most organizations but it’s a core competence for us.

Our Training Solutions can support you in:

  • Training Plans and Budget Preparation.
  • The Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation of large scale and/or complex Training Programmes
  • Providing the optimal blend of learning interventions to create the highest quality, most effective solution.

Our Training Style

We deploy our training with different tools; Creative Exercises, Case studies, Games, Coaching and Videos to make every training topic interactive and highly impactful

We run both Training Courses with duration of one to two days and Developmental Programs that runs between 1 to 4 weeks as the case may be.


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