Every successful sportsman has good coaches behind them. Similarly, every employee needs good coaches to inspire them to develop their full potential at work!”

A good supervisor/manager is able to coach and motivate their staff to achieve personal excellence and satisfaction at work. Effective coaching will help to grow your staff’s potential and enable them to take ownership at work. A good coach will create a happy and high performance team to achieve company goals.


  • Essence of Coaching
    • Understand why coaching is a critical managerial skill in today’s economy
    • Insights into the reality and basis of coaching
  • Coaching Concepts & Principles 
    • Understand psychology of change to improve work performance
    • Applying the six key principles to improve coaching effectiveness
  • Power Of Coaching Language 
    • Develop active communication skills
    • Using powerful coaching language to uncover opportunities and inspire your staff
  • Applying The Coaching Model 
    • Learn the power of the GROW coaching model
    • Practice coaching and help others to achieve greater success at work
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs 
    • Insights into the human belief system and how to instill empowering beliefs
    • Utilizing effective techniques to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Summarize Coaching Discussion 
    • Summarized key discussion points
    • Establish action plan and KPI to measure progress

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the foundation of performance coaching
  • Apply the psychology of change to improve work performance
  • Use powerful coaching language to inspire staff to discover their full potential
  • Learn and practice the effective GROW coaching model
  • Reinvent underperformers
  • Interprete staff motivational languages