Increase your impact and personal effectiveness

Communication and Influence are indispensable in our quest to achieve optimal results. This is practical, dynamic and insightful programme is designed for people from any organizational function who, as a key part of their role, are compelled to build relationships and influence people outside their immediate line of authority, both internal and external to their organization.

This programme will furnish participants with the right tools and skills to communicate effectively whether in writing, verbal or non-verbal communication such as body language. It will help participants to develop understanding and capability to build effective working relationships and ability to communicate persuasively when influencing their key stakeholders or subordinates.

  • Understanding and Influencing Behaviours
  • Planning for Success
  • Communicating with Impact
  • The Effective Use of Language
  • The Power of Written Communication
  • Developing your Personal Style and Presence
  • Influencing with Impact
  • Push: Pull
  • Business Priorities – Consolidation Exercise

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a more objective and effective approach to engaging and communicating with others
  • Understand your personal behavioural preference and understand its impact
  • Feel more confident and focused when engaging with others
  • Discover how to use and combine verbal and non-verbal communication persuasively
  • Be able to adapt and your e more persuasive on the use of language
  • Understand the value and benefits of different written media and when to use
  • Be more engaging when presenting your point of view
  • Be more confident and deliberate when communicating with others
  • Be able to use questions to influence the thinking and actions of others
  • Develop a more personal and persuasive message with impact
  • Be able to use your ‘moral authority’ as a means of developing influence and trust
  • Understand how others react and perceive your communication and influencing style
  • Appreciate the value of active listening
  • Value and embrace the different views and needs of others