This course aims to update and sharpen core PA skills in diary management, comprehensive meeting planning, travel planning, and  effective communication. It also helps PAs become more effective at organizing their boss. PAs will learn how to think more proactively in their planning and in their interaction with their boss. This course is ideal for experienced PAs seeking to update their skills, as well as PAs who are relatively new to the profession.

This course is delivered through realistic case studies, practical exercises, and a problem solving session where issues and challenges can be explored.

  • The War for Talent
  • Intangibles: the new HR ROI
  • Proactive Talent Management
  • Talent Management: Problem or Solution?
  • Building a Talent Management System
  • Institutional Strategies for Dealing with Talent Management Issues
  • Retaining Top Talent: The Big Challenge
  • Wrap up: turning your organization into a ‘talent master’

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the building blocks of talent management
  • Create a talent management system
  • Define the linkages between organization excellence and effective people management
  • Identify, keep, develop and promote talent
  • Coach, train and develop ‘BRAIN BOX’
  • Integrate compensation with talent management so they can retain their top people
  • Defend the role of information technology in supporting a talent management system