Managing Staff to Get Results

Staff is the most valuable asset among the properties of any business. Management of staff is often a hard subject for companies to conquer. After all, we are dealing with people, rather than numbers or business theories. In this one day course, you will understand the simple route to managing staff effectively and improving their performance beyond average.


  • Personal Leadership and Productivity
    • Characteristics of Top Performers
    • Values Alignment and Behavioural Patterns
    • Management Styles
  • Giving Feedback
    • Receiving Feedback
    • Assertiveness, Aggressiveness And Passivity
    • Assertiveness – The 3 Steps
    • Assertiveness And Feedback Exercise
  • MODULE 3 Setting S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
    • Measurability of Objectives
    • Defining Standards Exercise
  • Performance Management
    • Skill / Will Matrix
    • Applying the Skill/Will Matrix
    • Managing Poorer Performance
    • Overcoming Performance Blockages
  • Managing Poor Performance
    • Performance Coaching Session
    • Analysis organizational culture Impairing Staff Performance
    • Creating a Motivational Climate