The Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Executive Assistants (EA’s) training course provides personal and executive assistants with a clear understanding of the range of important functions they fill, and exposes participants to the tools and techniques that allow them to be more effective in their role.

In this course, you will learn a range of practical skills and techniques that will empower you to portray professionalism in this supporting role and teach you a range of techniques that will improve your abilities – from arranging and controlling meetings, professional business writing skills, time management skills, managing upwards, social media management, handling commercially sensitive information and much more!

  • After completing this course, participants will have learned to:
    • Adapt to the manager’s needs and style of working
    • Take initiative when needed
    • Develop social intelligence
    • Develop basic business acumen
    • Understand the importance of office management
    • Listen actively
    • Prepare for changes and surprises
    • Manage others and keep them on track
    • Keeping minutes
    • Manage meetings expertly
    • Understand and use email protocol
    • Develop computer and communication skills
    • Develop phone and voicemail etiquette
    • Develop confidentiality standards
    • Understand and use social media management
    • Handle difficult people and situations