In today’s business world, staff and management are expected more and more to present to an audience of some kind of authority and poise. Why is it that certain speeches and presentations last forever in our memories while others fade into oblivion by the time they are finished? Is it the topic, the speaker or the material used? Do you want to learn or improve on your presentation skills? This course is designed to develop the skills necessary to deliver confident, thought provoking and meaningful presentations that influence and inspire your audience.

  • 4 Inevitable Mindset for Presentation
  • PowerPoint is not the Content
  • Reasons for Presentation failure
  • Effective Presentation Attributes
  • Importance of Preparation
  • Pitfalls of Presentations
  • How to give a Powerful Opening
  • Body Language Dynamics
  • Presentation Structure
  • Visual aids & Style of Usage answer questions
  • Impact of VERBS & Techniques to an
  • Understand the Impact of Story Telling
  • Insight to Powerful Closing

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Reduce the feeling of nerves prior to presenting by applying the techniques to manage negative thought processes and unfounded worry.
  • Understand the psychology and structure of good presentation
  • Speak with confidence and deliver with authority
  • Influence their audience to impact with the message rather than their skills
  • Elevate their speeches and presentations from mundane to captivating
  • Build exceptional introductions, coherent content and climactic closings.
  • Use body language to their advantage.
  • Deliver impactful and memorable presentation.
  • Overcome causes of boring and ineffective presentation.
  • Understand the dynamics of answering questions without complications
  • Use the visual aids to deliver effectively.
  • Silence and sentence fear and  anxiety before and during presentation