Maximizing Productivity & Quality of Life
What many professionals needs is not so much of qualifications rather the ability to regulate their work and personal wellbeing to achieve both personal and professional success. This is course will demonstrate how achieving such a balance is a journey filled with a combination of discipline, determination and commitment. By providing the participants with tips on productivity enhancement, stress management, emotional intelligence and helps participants boost their productivity regardless of their work

  • Productivity in the Workplace
  • The Business Diet
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sleep and Its Impact on Productivity
  • Memory Enhancement
  • The Exercise and Productive Relationship
  • Enhance productivity at work and outside work by understanding the various contributors and inhibitors of a productive lifestyle
  • Manage daily stress by learning how to control work induced adrenalin and its effects on productivity
  • Improve effectiveness at the workplace by consuming food that will help maintain energy throughout a working day
  • Achieve better quality sleep on weekdays and weekends by listing the main causes behind poor quality sleep and ways to combat them
  • Make better decisions and enhance retention of important information while minimizing dependence on various memory aids
  • Monitor daily activity levels with more accuracy and use the information obtained to lead a more active lifestyle